Can you tell me if a particular website is safe to purchase from?

iBeLink products are sold worldwide here on our website, If you are purchasing in China, iBeLink products should be purchased at These are the only two official websites where iBeLink products are sold. We sell products only through our website. We will never ask you to send a cryptocurrency payment through a Facebook page, Skype contact, or any other method! We know some websites are impersonating our company, so please be careful and order only from our websites.

We do not have official resellers and do not make recommendations about resellers. If you cannot purchase from the two official websites, we urge you to purchases only from sources you trust. We do our best to protect customers from illegitimate companies but are limited in what we can do. If you sign up for our Waiting List we will inform you when we are selling miners.

Important Order Policy Information

Purchases of under 50 units will be placed at with Bitcoin, Dash, or Litecoin. Our official website is Websites using ibelink with other domain extensions may be attempting to defraud you. We do not sell by asking for a cryptocurrency payment to a wallet address. We will never contact you to make a purchase in this manner.
Our shipping process requires lead time and detailed planning. You are not allowed to make a shipping address change after you place your order. If you request a shipping address change after placing your order, you risk the cancellation of your order. If your order is shipped and you are not able to receive it, you will be charged for all the shipping costs plus a 20% restocking fee and a 15% penalty fee.
Your order will be shipped from our manufacturing facility in China. Worldwide shipping transit time is normally one to two weeks. You must be available to assist custom clearance for the units you ordered, pay customs duty, tariff, or any other import fees imposed by your country law, and work with the customs process in your country. We are not able to provide an exact shipping date. When your order is shipped by the China facility, the status of your order in the system will be updated from “Processing” to “Complete”, and a system notification will be sent to your email address (except destinations in China). Please configure your email settings to allow email from the domain.
Our customs documents will provide a definition of the unit and the sales price you paid. We are not able to modify this information. We are unable to provide any shipping modification requests at all.

Why won’t my machine power on?

The PSU might be either damaged or in protect mode. Try the following steps to troubleshoot:

1. Unplug all the power cables of the PSU.
2. Check if PSU powers up. If it does, reconnect the power cables and make sure they are connected properly and securely.
3. If PSU still does not power on, remove the connector plug with the white silicon paste on it.
4. Use a paperclip to short the green and the black wire.
5. Check if PSU powers up. If it does, the connector plug needs to be replaced, otherwise the PSU is likely damaged.

Why are the LEDs not lighting up?

If after powering on the mining machine the LEDs on the front do not light up after 1 minute, there could be several reasons causing the issue.

Micro SD Card or card reader:
Check the controller board for a blinking blue LED. If there is none, re-image the micro SD card or use a different one. If there is still no blinking blue LED, the card reader on the controller board may be damaged.

Bad LED board:
Try to log into the miner and check the mining status. If all seems normal, check the data cable to the LED board if it is connected properly and securely. If the LED lights still do not work, the LED board needs to be replaced.

Why does my “PLL” keep changing?

The PLL is auto-controlled according to the temperature detected on the board.  This is to prevent chips from being damaged in hot environments.

Do I need to wait for replacement boards before I can resume mining?

No, you don’t need to wait for replacement boards before you can resume mining. Our modular design allows you to remove the bad Blade and continue to mine. The mining machine will continue to function to minimize downtime. Please note that the hash rate will be affected.

How do I get Support?

You can get support from many places.
Most of your questions about our products will be answered in the Specification and Operation Guide. You will find the guide in Product Support.

Checking the Support section on this FAQ page for other technical questions.

The product support pages in the Dash Forum
    iBeLink DM11G Technical Support
    iBeLink DM22G Technical Support
    iBeLink DM56G Technical Support

If you still have questions, please open a Support Ticket.